December Meeting Cancelled

Hi All! Our December meeting is canceled as we will unfortunately be unable to host our annual holiday party. We don’t hold a meeting in January so we will resume with our programming the first Tuesday in February.

Until then we wish you a safe and happy holiday season and a happy 2021!

November 28th: CSSA Webinar – Aloes On My Mind – Cold Hardy Ice Plants – A Revolution in the Making

40 years ago, almost the only plants from South Africa grown in North American gardens that experienced subzero cold were a few hybrids. It was not thought that there would be many cold hardy plants coming from such a mild region.

We more or less accidentally obtained Delosperma nubigenum in 1980; since that time over 100 species of mesembs have successfully overwintered in Colorado—and there are now people in America, Japan and Europe hybridizing and developing new cultivars not just of Delosperma but many other species of Mesembryanthemum.

In this presentation, Panayoti charts the extraordinary explosion of experimentation, research, and commercial production of what’s become a significant new horticultural crop around the world To register for the webinar in advance, click here:

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Nov 14: Aloes On My Mind – Exploring Aloe Hybrids One Generation at a Time

The presentation begins with an overview of the genus Aloe, distribution and diversity of species, and a short history of the work and contributions of important hybridizers. Karen Zimmerman will show examples of parent plants and offspring– some that became good enough to name and distribute, and others that became disappointments. She will share some of her new promising hybrids and discuss future possibilities.

Don’t forget to register in advance using the event link:

Nov 7th: Plant Swap!

Hi All! Our normal Tuesday meeting is cancelled. Instead we will be having a plant swap on Saturday November 7th at 2PM. Bring a mask, at least one nice plant you’d like in your collection, and any duplicates you want to share. Please contact Irwin at for the location and any additional questions.

Oct 17th: Staging: Bringing Out the Best in Your Plants with Karen Ostler

Program: Since many of us have been unable to attend C&S meetings and shows and sales, perhaps this is a good time to focus on improving and re-vitalizing our C&S collections.

“Staging: Bringing Out the Best in Your Plants” will present tools, tips, and techniques to sharpen your plant presentation skills. Topics include staging rules and guiding principles, container selection, top dressings and staging rocks, and plant care and maintenance. Many examples will be presented.

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October 6th: Vegetative Propagation of Succulents at the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory

Hello all! We will have a guest speaker at October’s monthly meeting! Ernesto Sandoval will be giving us a brief tour of the techniques used at the Conservatory to propagate a variety of succulent plants from stems and leaves (vegetative).  Techniques for better methods of vegetative propagation such as a variety of stem and leaf cuttings along with grafting will be discussed.

The meeting starts at 7:30 PM Contact Irwin at for the meeting link

Oct. 3rd: CSSA Webinar – Australian Native Succulents ~ An Introduction with Attila Kapitany

Here is a fresh approach to conventional attitudes and ideas about the diversity and beauty of Australian flora.

Enjoy a colorful visual tour of lesser known and intriguing Australian native plants, mostly in habitat, some of which are rare and very unusual.

With Australia’s natural flora of well over 20,000 species, at least 400 are considered to have a notable degree of succulence.

This program covers at least one hundred species from forty genera. Included are some of the most under-appreciated, diverse, and interesting of Australian plants.

September 19th: CSSA Webinar – Plant Discovery in South Africa with Buck and Yvonne Hemenway

As plant lovers know, there is nothing as fulfilling as seeing a plant growing happily in nature whose cousin has been carefully nurtured in a collection. We all marvel at the ability of succulent plants to survive, even thrive in conditions that appear to be so extreme that survival alone is incomprehensible. Of course, most of us do not speak plant, so we will never know how a seed started growing in that crack in the rock.

Please join Buck and Yvonne as they explore South Africa and find plants, mostly succulent plants, growing in some interesting places.

Be sure to register in advance at the following link:

NTCSS will meet following the webinar.

September 5th: CSSA Webinar- Mutant Cacti and Succulents with Tom Glavich

Join us Saturday, September 5 at 12:00 p.m. for the 9th in a series of webinars featuring Cactus and Succulent experts from around the world. This time the webinar will be lead by author and long-time grower of succulent plants Tom Glavich.

This webinar is a look at mutant cacti and succulents, with an emphasis on the genetic changes and their impact on the appearance of crests, monstrous and variegated cacti and succulents. A survey of typical and unusual forms will be followed by a short introduction of cultivation and propagation.

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NTCSS will meet following the webinar