Dec 11th: CSSA Webinar: Wendell Minnich – Brazil, Bahia to Minas Gerais

Join us at 12:00 PM CST for another CSSA webinar

This program combines three trips into the south eastern portions of Brazil. The region is commonly called the Brazilian Highlands and includes the two states, Minas Gerais and Bahia. In these two states there are more cacti than in any other regions of Brazil, as well as a wealth of other plants to be found, including Bromeliads, Orchids and Palms.Our field adventure will feature the back country, the towns and their people, as well as a wide variety of plants and animals. The cacti we will focus on include Melocactus, Buiningia, Coleocephalocereus, Pilosocereus, Microcranthocereus, Discocactus, Tacinga, Arrojadoa and Uebelmannia. Some of the other plant genera we will encounter include Bursera, Cissus, Dyckia, Encholirium, Orthophytum and many other Bromeliads.

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Nov 27th: CSSA Webinar – Yuccas w/ Brian Kemble

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Yuccas are much admired for their spiky rosettes of leaves and their beautiful clusters of creamy flowers. Because of the cold tolerance of some of the species, they can be found in gardens from New England to California, but few people realize how many species there are. In this presentation we will have a look at a broad range of species, from stemless dwarf ones to giants with impressive trunks. All Yucca species are native to the Americas, but they occur in many different habitats, from the Mojave Desert in the southwestern U.S. to the tropics of southern Mexico. In addition to plants in cultivation, we will see lots of photos of plants in their native habitats.

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Nov 13 – CSSA Webinar: Rock and Tree Dwelling Succulents of Australia

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Attila Kapitany is known for his presentations about Australian desert plants from sandy arid regions of the continent and about gardening with succulents,  but this is a look at the exciting plants that can be found on the east coast and closer to major cities of Australia.

Here you will see and learn about some of the weirdest succulent plants in the world, including caudiciform  ‘ant plants’ and succulent orchids.  While these rather unique epiphytic and lithophytic succulents in this presentation are not so much garden worthy at all, they make for great novelty and interest factor and are best suited for pots, porches and greenhouses.

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Nov 2nd: Cactus Club Meeting – Annual Plant Swap!

Hello All! It’s that time of year again and it’s time for our annual plant swap! Please bring at least one nice plant to contribute as well as and cuttings, seeds gardening supplies you want to share.

We will be meeting at 7:30PM at the Arboretum. See you there!

Oct 30: CSSA Webinar – Plant Candy For Halloween: An Examination of Undiggable Mesembs and the Breeders who Dig Them

Join us at 12PM CST for another CSSA Webinar!

Steven Hammer is owner of Sphaeroid Institute in Vista. CA.  His nursery is considered ground zero for thousands of rare mesembs and for many aficionados who travel far and wide to delight in his extensive succulent collection, personal charm, and knowledge.

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Oct 16th – CSSA Webinar: Oaxaca Meanderings in Search of Succulents, Adventure and Fun with Kelly Griffin

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Kelly was CSSA’s first webinar speaker in 2020. This time he will take us on a journey to Oaxaca, Mexico as he describes his most recent trip. Kelly is one of our most popular and engaging speakers due to his extensive knowledge and wide-ranging field work.

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Oct 5th: Cactus Club Meeting

Hi All! October’s Cactus Club meeting will be held at 7:30PM on October 5th at the Arboretum. As always, raffle tickets will be available for $5.00. We will also begin making plans for our Holiday Party in December at this meeting. See you there!

Oct 2: CSSA Webinar – The Genus Sansevieria I: Systematics and Some New Species with Dr. Robert Webb

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Considerable controversy surrounds the genus Sansevieria, which some believe should be subsumed into the genus Dracaena. Preliminary molecular work suggests that the two genera are separate, and character data reinforces this conclusion. At present, more than 100 taxa are in the genus Sansevieria and more are added with each passing year. This talk discusses the systematic of the genus and presents some newly described species as well as some potential species yet to be described in the coming years.

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Sept 18th: CSSA Webinar – Feeding Succulents

Join us on Saturday September 18th at 12PM CST for another CSSA webinar!

Program: Ernesto Sandoval: Feeding Succulents: How Fertilizer, Water pH, and Soil Can and Should Be Adjusted.

Perhaps you’ve heard that pH is important for plants. Ernesto will summarize why you want your plants to receive slightly acidic water and various ways you can adjust it for your succulents.  How is this similar and different than fertilizing “regular” plants?  Ernesto will discuss all of this plus the importance of “soils”/container media and the details of how you can maximize the root potential for your plants!

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