Sept 18th: CSSA Webinar – Feeding Succulents

Join us on Saturday September 18th at 12PM CST for another CSSA webinar!

Program: Ernesto Sandoval: Feeding Succulents: How Fertilizer, Water pH, and Soil Can and Should Be Adjusted.

Perhaps you’ve heard that pH is important for plants. Ernesto will summarize why you want your plants to receive slightly acidic water and various ways you can adjust it for your succulents.  How is this similar and different than fertilizing “regular” plants?  Ernesto will discuss all of this plus the importance of “soils”/container media and the details of how you can maximize the root potential for your plants!

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August 7th: CSSA Webinar – Inter-City Cactus and Succulent Show Livestream

Join us LIVE from the Inter-City Cactus and Succulent Show starting at 12PM CST.

The Los Angeles Times has referred to the Inter-city Cactus and Succulent Show as “the Comic-Con of the Cactus World”.  Hosted by the Long Beach Cactus Club, the Los Angeles C&S Society, and the San Gabriel Valley Cactus C&S Society, it is the largest show and sale in the U.S. 

Join us as will take you through the show, hold interviews, show you some award-winning plants, and tour the sales area.  Don’t miss this one!

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Aug 3rd: Cactus Meeting

Hi All our monthly meeting will take place on August 3rd at 7:30PM at the Dallas Arboretum. We hope to see you there!

July 24th: CSSA Webinar – Succulent Trees – Beyond the Ordinary with Dan Mahr

Join us at 12PM CST for another CSSA Webinar!

There are somewhere between 500 and 1000 species of succulents that can be categorized botanically as trees. They are a diverse group, coming from some 25-30 plant families and nearly 100 genera.

The presentation will begin with a characterization of succulent trees, then go into a quick overview of important families, many of which will be illustrated with habitat photographs. After a brief discussion of general growing practices, the talk will conclude with a showing of less-ordinary species that have substantial, but mostly unrecognized, horticultural potential.

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July 10th: CSSA Webinar – Illegal Poaching of Succulents in Namaqualand with Karel Du Toit

Since its inception in 1929, and throughout the years, Cactus and Succulent Society of America has advocated and promoted the conservation and habitat protection of cactus and succulents.

The popularity of cacti and succulents, their availability online, and their increased monetary value have critically endangered their populations in the wild. The conservation of these unique plants and their habitats is of critical concern. Please join us as Karel Di Toit. a noted expert, explores the problems and possible solutions of poaching that affect our hobby, our community, and the global environment.

Join us at 12PM CST for the Webinar! You must register in advance using the link below to participate:

July 6th: Welcome Back Party!

Hello Everyone!

We are officially returning to the Arboretum this month! To celebrate, this meeting will be a combination of our annual holiday party and our annual plant swap! The club will provide pizza so please bring your favorite side, dessert, or a healthy alternative to share. We will also be doing a plant swap so bring any plant you’d like to exchange. In order to make sure there is enough Pizza please RSVP with Irwin by July 5th.

The meeting will start at 7:30PM at the Arboretum. We can’t wait to see you very soon!

June 26th: Copiapoa 2021 with Stefan Burger

In this presentation, Stefan will discuss the genus Copiapoa, its taxonomy, ecology, and conservation status. The in-situ conservation of cacti and succulent habitats globally has become of increasing concern, and Chilean cacti have unfortunately been the target of multiple, significant poaching events, and are also under threat from climate change and the expansion of civilization. 

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June 12th – CSSA Webinar: Pediocactus and Sclerocactus: A Tour of the Colorado Plateau With Rob Skillin

Join us at 12PM CST for another CSSA webinar! Rob Skillin has been growing C&S since the 1970’s, and has been particularly interested in Pediocactus and Sclerocactus for 30 years. During that time, he has made dozens of trips to their habitats to observe and photograph them; his program is a distillation of those years of experience.  In-between trips to the Southwest, Rob has pursued a career as a petroleum geologist (now retired – but busier than ever!), been a founding member of the Central Coast and Bakersfield C&S societies, and has been an officer in those groups as well as the Santa Barbara society, and a director of the CSSA. 

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May 29th: CSSA Webinar – Ernst van Jaarsveld The Genus Gasteria

Join us at 12PM CST on May 29th for another CSSA webinar!

The program will provide a background of how Gasterias fit into the aloe group. There will be many habitat photos of all the current 30 species, with the emphasis on the recently named species. The program includes the topic of Gasteria propagation -pollination, growing from seed, and cuttings.

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