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This program combines three trips into the south eastern portions of Brazil. The region is commonly called the Brazilian Highlands and includes the two states, Minas Gerais and Bahia. In these two states there are more cacti than in any other regions of Brazil, as well as a wealth of other plants to be found, including Bromeliads, Orchids and Palms.Our field adventure will feature the back country, the towns and their people, as well as a wide variety of plants and animals. The cacti we will focus on include Melocactus, Buiningia, Coleocephalocereus, Pilosocereus, Microcranthocereus, Discocactus, Tacinga, Arrojadoa and Uebelmannia. Some of the other plant genera we will encounter include Bursera, Cissus, Dyckia, Encholirium, Orthophytum and many other Bromeliads.

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Last Modified: December 9, 2021